About Us

Creating a dream to build a house with you

Message from the President

Creating Future Dreams together

We take advantage of the technology and know-how of the housing construction and the town development that we have cultivated in Japan, and do "house-building" in Republic of the Philippines. To do housing business overseas is to create the future of the country together. We think that it is to create the dream of the future together with the people.

We want to deliver the happiness of having your own home

Now in the Philippines people wanting owned houses are increasing like Japan. However, there is still a large income disparity, so many people may be merely describing "having their own house" as a distant dream in a slight mind.

But we think, if people in the Philippines can change their own "diligence" into energy, it is always a feasible dream.

We want to gather together one chance to actualize such dreams.
We want to actualize that you have a house together.
We want you to realize the happiness of the family and a life rich.
We hope to make many Filipino people smile.

Dreams come true with ambition and action

It's not too late to make a dream come true.
We can always challenge as long as we have a dream!
If you take a step forward and act, everyone can create a new life, a new future, and a new self!
I believe so.
Let's make our dreams come true together in this development remarkable country.

With you(志を持って、あなたとともに)


Corporate Philosophy&Principle

Corporate Philosophy

We will create the future of the Philippines and the dreams of the people living there
through "Housing building" with the technology and mind cultivated in Japan.


  • 義(Gi):Justice

    We will work as a "person" with a correct mind that transcends profits or calculation.
  • 礼(Rei):Politeness

    We are working as a "person" with modesty born from the heart that respects others.
  • 仁(Jin):Benevolance

    We will work as a "person" with consideration.
  • 勇(Yu):Courege

    We will work as a "person" with courageous execution power, going a way to believe that you are right.
  • 誠(Sei):Sincerity

    We will work as a "person" with a sincere heart, challenge and accomplish them.
  • 志(KOKOROZASHI):Dreams

    Finally, as a "person", we constantly challenge everything with a dream and always create something from there. Never give up.

About the company

Started as the oversea department of Kyushu Yaesu.
Develop residential real estate business in the Republic of the Philippines.

Established: Jun 26, 2017
Head office address: Unit2229, Eton Tower Makati, DelaRosa Cor, Rufino Sts,
Legaspi Village, Makati City, Philippines

President: Akira Shiraishi

Group Company

KYUSHU-YAESU is general developers and has areas around Fukuoka city.
Supplied more than 2,000 houses so far.
KYUSHU-YAESU take the lead in the real estate and house building department of SAIBU GAS Group.

Established: November 18, 1977
Capital: 180 million JPY
Sales: 3.27 billion JPY (2017)
Employees: 46 people (2018)
Head office address: 3-14-18 Hakataekihigashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
Prefecture, Japan
President: Satoru Yoshikawa
Executive Vice President: Hisao Nakashima
H P: http://www.kyushu-yaesu.co.jp
and http://www.y98.jp

SAIBU GAS is a Gas company that headquartered in Fukuoka City and has areas in northern Kyushu.
One of the four large Gas companies in Japan.
(Tokyo Gas, Toho Gas, Osaka Gas and SAIBU GAS)
First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange listed companies.
(And SAIBU GAS has 40 consolidated subsidiaries)

Established: December 1, 1930
Capital: 20.62 billion JPY
Sales: 112.59 billion JPY (2017)
Employee: 1,342 people (2017)
Head office address: 1-17-1 Chiyo Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
H P: http://www.saibugas.co.jp