Business Information

Creating a town and a house to make the future of the family.


We are designing a "new private house" for the landscape preservation of old private houses , and is challenging the town development of build a new houses.

The Good Design Award is the only comprehensive design evaluation and recommendation system in Japan founded in 1957. Many companies and designers from home and abroad participate as an exercise to raise industries and living culture through design.

Business Result in Japan

Residential Development

We have taken steps to prevent disasters, such as landslides and ground subsidence, in the forests and farmlands, and we are developing as a residential land and developing suitable for the location.

Town Housing Development

We are making towns that harmonize with nature such as water, light, wind and greener, and we value the pleasant community where family smiles are born.

Detached House

We are raising your children 's health and wishing the family to smile so we are building a safe and comfortable home.

Town House

We design so that each residence can live comfortably. And We also think about creating a beautiful landscape.


While keeping each other's privacy, we emphasize harmony as a rental housing.


We are also building high-rise condominiums in a convenient location in the center of the city.

Corporate social responsibility(CSR)

As a company thinking about life,
we have a friendly approach to people and the earth.

Make the children’s smile.
We are volunteering to an orphanage in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, there are some facilities for children without parents because they was abandoned from their parents, died, or took charge of them from drug addicts.
Our Company "Ambitious" thinks that working abroad means living with that country and making the future of that country together
Based on this idea, we receive some clothes, shoes, stationeries, toys, etc.... that our Japanese customers no longer used.
And we donate them to the orphanage.
Even what seems unnecessary for us is treasure for them.

Clean the sea, With our customer.
We are cooperating with coral aquaculture and transplant activities in

Coral bleaching phenomena is progressing due to environmental destruction of our lives and rising seawater temperature worldwide.
And in order to protect our beautiful sea, coral aquaculture and transplantation is proceeding.
We are cooperating with transplant release activities of the coral being done in the sea of Okinawa for the purpose of protection of the global environment.
When the house built in Kyushu Yaesu is completed, we purchase the corals under the customer's name. It is popular as a further memory of customer's housing making.