Business Information

Creating a town and a house to make the future of the family.

Business Result in Japan

Residential Development

We have taken steps to prevent disasters, such as landslides and ground subsidence, in the forests and farmlands, and we are developing as a residential land and developing suitable for the location.

Town Housing Development

We are making towns that harmonize with nature such as water, light, wind and greener, and we value the pleasant community where family smiles are born.

Detached House

We are raising your children 's health and wishing the family to smile so we are building a safe and comfortable home.

Town House

We design so that each residence can live comfortably. And We also think about creating a beautiful landscape.


While keeping each other's privacy, we emphasize harmony as a rental housing.


We are also building high-rise condominiums in a convenient location in the center of the city.